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AgroGardens HydroCoco 60/40 50L
  • AgroGardens HydroCoco 60/40 50L

AgroGardens HydroCoco 60/40 50L

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HydroCoco 60/40

Mixed hydroponic substrate that can be used for planting fruits, vegetables, and flowering plants

AgroGardens HydroCoco 60/40 is the combination of two AgroGardens horticultural substrates (60% RHP AgroGardens Aqua clay pebbles and 40% Coco and the long coco fibres). It has the optimum structure and purity that improves capillarity and provides a good base for fast root development.

How to get your plants off to a good start with AgroGardensl HydroCoco 60/40

  • AgroGardens HydroCoco by itself is an almost inert substrate. You should be using a balanced fertiliser from the time of potting.For the best results we recommend to use AgroGardens Coco A&B. Depending on the crop's nutritional requirements, a solution of 1 ml per litre up to a maximum of 4 ml per litre will be enough.
  • The recommended pH (water) range is 5.2 – 7, however this depends on the nutrients used.
  • Throughout the time of vegetation start with a lower pH (5.2 - 5.6), and then move to a slightly higher pH (5.9 - 6.8).
  • As AgroGardens HydroCoco 60/40 is a lighter substrate than coco you need to water more often, depending on container size and plant uptake.
  • Flush your substrate regularly to prevent rest salts from building up.
  • Clean your tank and replace your nutrient solution at least every week.
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