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BioBizz Light Mix

A base substrate for a personalized grow If you want more control, Light·Mix provides the ideal foundation for encouraging vigorous growth in seedlings, young plants and cuttings – right from the beginning. It gets the vital micro activity going as the water works with the soil, producing organic catalysts that rapidly develop root structures. Light·Mix...
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    SUPERthrive 10L (2.5 Gallon)
    • SUPERthrive 10L (2.5 Gallon)

    SUPERthrive 10L (2.5 Gallon)


    Stimulator for plants in the form of a concentrated liquid that stimulates growth and boosts metabolic processes inside the plant.

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    It is a stimulator to accompany conventional fertilisation as it is not a nutrient in itself. It is a very popular stimulator all over the world and is used both for plants in production and for mother plants, cuttings, bonsais, etc.

    It contains 0.09% Vitamin B1, 0.48% 1-Napthyl acetic acid, among others; the first one is a vitamin and the second one a hormone and in total it contains 50 vitamins and hormones available.

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