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Brand: BioBizz

BioBizz Light Mix

A base substrate for a personalized grow If you want more control, Light·Mix provides the ideal foundation for encouraging vigorous growth in seedlings, young plants and cuttings – right from the beginning. It gets the vital micro activity going as the water works with the soil, producing organic catalysts that rapidly develop root structures. Light·Mix...
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    Grotek Black Pearl 4l
    • Grotek Black Pearl 4l

    Grotek Black Pearl 4l



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    Black Pearl™ is more than just high-quality charcoal. It is ladened with high-grade ingredients like biochar, volcanic rock dust, low molecular weight humates, and kelp. The harmony between ingredients in the soil provide a dramatic boost to crops when added to any nutrient program.

    Application Rate: 900ml mixes into 36L of growing media.


    For media mixing, work 2 tbsp (25 ml) per Quart (1 L) into the soil blend. For transplants, dust 3 tbsp (45 ml) directly under the roots and work lightly into soil. Water thoroughly and then place plant into transplant hole. Black Pearl™ can be used as a top dress, but will be more effective when incorporated into the medium/soil. This formula contains soluble and insoluble inputs and is not meant for re-circulating water culture. 
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