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BioBizz Light Mix

A base substrate for a personalized grow If you want more control, Light·Mix provides the ideal foundation for encouraging vigorous growth in seedlings, young plants and cuttings – right from the beginning. It gets the vital micro activity going as the water works with the soil, producing organic catalysts that rapidly develop root structures. Light·Mix...
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AgroGardens Hydro Clay Pebbles 50L
  • AgroGardens Hydro Clay Pebbles 50L

AgroGardens Hydro Clay Pebbles 50L

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AgroGardens clay pebbles 

are highly porous medium, which limits watering and stimulate the development of strong roots that grip the substrate well.

They are ideally suited for recirculating hydroponic systems. As the pebbles are round and have a very even shape is excellent at offering plenty of opportunity for trapping air that provides excellent oxygenating any nutrient solution that flows over it and provide a strong structure and stable base for plant roots while allowing water to drain freely.

They have a neutral pH value, are fungus free and do not rot. Those form an ideal substrate for use by experienced growers, who want to control the application of nutrients and the humidity level of their plants throughout the entire process of cultivation in a simple way.


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