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BioBizz Light Mix

A base substrate for a personalized grow If you want more control, Light·Mix provides the ideal foundation for encouraging vigorous growth in seedlings, young plants and cuttings – right from the beginning. It gets the vital micro activity going as the water works with the soil, producing organic catalysts that rapidly develop root structures. Light·Mix...
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    Grotek Light Mix 50l
    • Grotek Light Mix 50l

    Grotek Light Mix 50l



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    Grotek Light Mix is a professional growing medium for potted plants. High-quality peat, perlite, and a highly effective combination of premium fertilizer and additional micronutrients are the basis for this professional mixture. Grotek Light Mix is a ready-to-use, all-round mixture that provides for healthy growth and a plentiful harvest.

    The proportion of medium-coarse peat gives this mix a high water holding capacity, without becoming saturated. Perlite, the white volcanic rock, optimizes porosity for ideal air exchange and water circulation, preventing waterlogging for improved root growth. 

    A unique combination of premium starter fertilizer and additional micronutrient fertilizer is immediately available with a long-term effect. The exactly dosed fertilizer supplies plants with all main and trace nutrients, supporting up to 4 weeks of strong, healthy growth right from the start.


    • Pre charged with nutrients
    • Ready-to-use growing media
    • High water holding capacity



    Open package immediately prior to use. Ensure work space is clean and free of weeds or other possible contaminants. Transplant cuttings and seedlings into lightly moistened Light Mix, taking care to avoid compaction. After transplanting, water thoroughly to settle Light Mix.


    Grotek Light Mix contains nutrients to give your plants a boost. For the first 7 days, feed at half strength. Afterwards, follow through with a preferred fertilizer program. Be sure to periodically assess the plants and growing media to ensure proper nutrient levels and pH are maintained. To remove the guesswork, consult Grotek Feedcharts at or request assistance from


    It is recommended to water crops early in the day. When irrigating, provide enough water so that water runs through soil. This helps prevent accumulation of soluble salts, and ensures uniform wetting and drying of Light Mix.

    Grotek Light Mix is pre-charged with nutrients to support your plants. For the first 4 weeks, feed at half strength. Afterwards, follow through with your preferred fertilizer program.


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